Op-Amp Trainers

Advance Op-Amp Trainer & Designer


  1. Meters: One no. moving coil Voltmeter of 0-20 V & One no moving coil ammeter of 0-50 mA is provided on the trainer.
  2. Power Supply: + 5V/1A DC Built in Regulated Power Supply , -15V/500mA DC Built in Regulated Power Supply&Two 0-10/500 mA variable unregulated Power Supply .
  3. IC’s : OP AMP 741, OP AMP 358,OP AMP 356,OP AMP 324
  4. Zip Socket: One Zip Socket having 20 pin is provided on panel
  5. Logic Level Generator: Four Logic Level generator are used on the panel
  6. Junctions: Junction J1 to J8 are provided on panel. All pins of each junction are internally connected
  7. Resistors: 18 different values
  8. Potentiometer: 6 different values
  9. Capacitors: 8 different values
  10. Diodes: 5 different values

Accessories: 15 nos. of assorted colored connecting patch cords & 15 Hookup wires A well-illustrated and described instruction manual to guide the student in each experiment

Op-Amp Trainer

2 Built-in Power supplies 0- 10 V variables.
Analog Voltmeter for Study Voltage.
Variable resistance (2 no.1M, 1 no.10K,1 no.50K)
Various Diode, resistance & capacitor for implement circuits
On board Circuit Printed nicely on the front panel of the PCB along with 2 mm connecting terminals

Supplied with patch chords and instruction manual