Advanced Trainers

Advanced Digital Lab Trainer


Unique Platform for all Digital Experiments

Input Power Supply, Manual Pulse Generator, Clock Oscillator, Counter Display and many other things are provided on main unit panel for convenient experiments

Handy Add-on Cards for easy experiments


Power: 220 V +/- 10%, 50 Hz

DC Power Supply: +5 V/500 mA (Built-in IC Regulated)

Logic Level Generators: 16 Nos. with LED Indications

Logic Level Indicators: 16 Nos.

Manual Pulse Generator: 2 Nos. for Providing pulses during the experiment

Set-reset switches: 2 Nos.

Clock Oscillators: 0 – 100 Hz/ 1 KHz/ 10 KHz

Pulse Counter: 0 – 99 Digits

Supplied with Module of Digital IC Trainer

Note: You may mount any of 25 module on this kit to do various experiments of Digital Lab

Advanced Op-Amp Trainer

Trainer is Suitable to perform approx. all the experiments based on Op-Amp


Power Supply: + 5V/ 1A DC, +/- 15V/500 mA(Built-in Fixed Power Supplies)

0 – 10 V / 500 mA Dual DC Variable Power Dupplies

Moving Coil Meters: Voltmeter (0 – 20V) Nos. 1, Ammeter (0 – 50 mA) Nos. 1

Logic Level Generator: 4 Nos. with LED indication

Zip Socket: 20 Pin Zip socket Nos. 1

Components: Different values of Resistors, Potentiometers, Capacitors, Diodes

Op-Amp ICs: 741 Nos. 2, 358 Nos. 1, 356 Nos. 1, 324 Nos. 1

Accessories: Patch chords & instruction manual